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Ahead of Print

  Original Scientific Paper

Youth Experiences of a Sport Development Programme in a Rural South African Context

Leepile Motlhaolwa1, Sarina de Jager1, Paola Wood2, Jill Borresen3

1The University of Pretoria, Department of Humanities Education, Pretoria, South Africa
2The University of Pretoria, Department of Physiology, Division of Biokinetics and Sport Science, Pretoria, South Africa
3Sport, Exercise Medicine and Lifestyle Institute (SEMLI), University of Pretoria, South Africa

J. Anthr. Sport Phys. Educ. 2023, 7(3), Ahead of Print

DOI: 10.26773/jaspe.230701

Abstract | Article (PDF – 159KB) | References

  Original Scientific Paper

Differences in obesity status among adolescents living in urban and rural areas of the municipality of Pljevlja

Erol Vrevic1

1Faculty for Sport and Physical Education, University of Montenegro, Niksic, 81400, Montenegro

J. Anthr. Sport Phys. Educ. 2023, 7(3), Ahead of Print

DOI: 10.26773/jaspe.230702

Abstract | Article (PDF – 90KB) | References

  Original Scientific Paper

Analysis of Perceptions Towards Individuals Who Exercise and Those Who do not Through Metaphors

Ismail Ilbak1, Mehmet Akarsu1, Burak Gönültaş2, Stefan Stojanovic3

1İnönü University, Institute of Health Sciences,Department of Physical Education and Sports,Malatya, Türkiye
2Ege University, Institute of Health Sciences, İzmir, Türkiye
3University of Nis, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Nis, Serbia

J. Anthr. Sport Phys. Educ. 2023, 7(3), Ahead of Print

DOI: 10.26773/jaspe.230703

Abstract | Article (PDF – 103KB) | References

  Short Report

Validity and Reliability of an Inertial Measurement Unit (BTS G-Walk) for Measurement of Countermovement Jump Height: A pilot-study

Sandeep Kumar1, Joseph Singh1, Punam Pradhan2, Sanjeev Kumar3, Rohit K. Thapa4

1Department of Sports Biomechanics, Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior, India
2Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences (Faculty of Inter-Disciplinary & Applied Sciences, University of Delhi), New Delhi, India
3Department of Physical Education, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, India
4School of Physical Education and Sports, Rashtriya Raksha University, Gandhinagar, India

J. Anthr. Sport Phys. Educ. 2023, 7(3), Ahead of Print

DOI: 10.26773/jaspe.230704

Abstract | Article (PDF – 325KB) | References